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 Adriatic Slumber Bedding  

Keep it Simple bed shopping….

Questions you will be asked and are helpful to know when buying beds are:  

The Size….

- King, Queen, Double, Single, SingleKing, Oddsize, Custom made

The Bed…..

- Mattress only, Ensemble (set-mattress+base), Adjustable bed,Trundle bed, Other

Have an idea of your Comfort level…do you like?- Firm, Medium, Soft or in something in between

Is it for you or someone else - Couples, Single, kids, spare room, special needs, hospitality, other ?

Your price range ? Luxury, Mid, Budget, Motel

Let's get started - Get in there and try them out

Thank you for considering our Range

- Your Comfort is our Concern

This is very helpful for the sales team to assist you with our range

Any Further questions please call us or email

9 Moss Road
Dry Creek, SA 5094
Tel: (08) 8349-5597,  08 8349 5328
Fax: (08) 8260-6038


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